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Origin. 9150 University High St. Burnaby. BC. V5A 0C5

04-9150,1Bdrm1Bath, 570Sqft, Asking $438,000 More Details

10-9150,1Bdrm1Bath, 570Sqft, Asking $428,000 More Details

Nest. 9250 University High St. Burnaby. BC. V5A 0B3
PH2-9250, 2 Bdrm 2 Bath, 888 Sqft, Asking $538,000 More Details

Highland House. 9025 Highland Court. Burnaby. BC. V5A 0A8

502-9025, 2Bdrm2Bath, 821Sqft, Asking $569,000 More Details

Centre Block. 9393 Tower Road. Burnaby. BC.V5A 0E2
306-9393, 1Bdrm1Bath, 596Sqft,Asking $456,000 More Details

1505-9393, 1Bdrm1Bath, 611Sqft,Asking $478,000More Details

Hub. 9009 Cornerstone Mews. Burnaby. BC. V5A 0B9
425-9009, 2 Bdrm1Bath,762Sqft,Asking $495,000 Details coming soon

Other listings, Please check the address from the detail page.
304-9319, 2Bdrm2Bath, 837Sqft, Asking $548,000 More Details

302-9350, 1 Bdrm1 Bath,581Sqft, Asking $438,000 More Details

1405-8850, 2Bdrm2Bath, 824Sqft, Asking $648,800 More Details

9296, Townhouse,2Bdrm2Bath, Around 1066Sqft, Asking $558,000 More Details

TEL: 604-282-1221

ADD: 8962 University High St., Burnaby BC.

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8962 University High Street

Burnaby, BC. Canada V5A 4Y6

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